Ironic sexism is so passe

27 May

by Laura

The blogosphere

Okay, look, if all we do here on BBH is support the continued writerly existence of Tavi, I will feel we have done good in the world. Because seriously, just look at how this girl writes. She makes me proud of all girls, in a Willow-slayerizes-all-the-potentials* way.

Also, Terry Richardson: total dickbag. He is The Biggest Loser of fashion: pretending to be ironically commenting on cultural norms when he is in fact simply perpetuating them in the clearest way possible.

As Tavi notes:

I’m not writing all this because I want to embarrass him in an immature, spiteful, gym locker room prank kind of way. I’m writing it because it has to be written about and I want other people to write about it because he has to know that next time he tries anything along those lines, people will write about it. Then maybe he will stop doing it.

Who needs Slayers when we’ve got Tavi?



4 Responses to “Ironic sexism is so passe”

  1. Jess May 27, 2010 at 5:46 pm #


    Oh my god I have no idea what this means. Pop culture fail!

    Speaking of pop culture, QUITE ASIDE from her being an incredibly insightful, uncannily mature thinker on the subject of feminism, Tavi just posted the following quote that is both ridiculously amazing and namechecks Daria:

    So this summer I will take some time to, at the suggestion of Le Tigre, get off the Internet, and just read these giant books and put a “do not disturb” sign outside our treehouse. It’ll be very J.D. Salinger, very secluded and mysterious. Then a few hours will pass, and I’ll be like “IS #RTifYouraBelieber STILL TRENDING ON TWITTER OR HAS #UknowUrAddicted2JustinBieberWhen MADE IT TO THE TOP YET???/” and log on. Then I’ll see that Bret Easton Ellis is still sexist, and more people are working to create a Stop Angelina From Dressing Shiloh Like A Boy Because Then She Will Literally Be A Murderer When She Grows Up foundation, and more triangles are on Tumblr, and I’ll be like, “damn, Internet, you’re boring, and you also depress me, and how can I be this grossed out at humans when school is not even in?” Then I’ll watch Daria on Youtube because I won’t have bought the box set yet because I procrastinate, and I’ll be like, “Well, at least you have Daria.”

    Daria! Was she even alive when Daria came out? (The answer is yes. SHE WAS ONE.) Now that’s a cool kid. Jesus.

    • Laura May 27, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

      I also loved this moment from the post I linked:

      It’s supposed to, y’know, relax everyone, but there’s a difference between putting on a smooth jazz album while preparing some nice ginseng teas and, um, being naked, all of a sudden, in an uncomfortable person’s face.

      Ginseng tea!

  2. Lynne May 27, 2010 at 6:47 pm #

    I just canNOT understand how someone as young as Tavi can be this awesome. It seriously breaks my brain a little. Maybe a lot.

    • Laura May 28, 2010 at 9:51 am #

      I know! When I was 14, I was way too busy writing U2 lyrics on my shoes to write stellar feminist cultural analysis.

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