About Jess and Laura: We’ve written academic papers, political journalism, marketing copy, and posts on popular blogs — but we haven’t gotten to write what we feel like, for ourselves, without the demanding eye of editor or audience. In its capacity as our Free Writing Space, BBH will likely be a stew of feminism, jokes, feminist jokes, wanky writing about the craft of writing, musings on grief, pop culture notes, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

About the birthday bread horse: The BBH appeared in Laura’s mom’s ancient copy of The Joy of Cooking. It is fashioned out of breadsticks, regular loaves, braided loaves, leather thongs, and real horsehair. I’m making that up. We have no idea what the fuck it is, but Joy of Cooking insists that children demand it as their birthday treat.


One Response to “About”

  1. ND May 16, 2010 at 3:09 am #

    Hi Jess and Laura. Congrats on your new blog! I just read everything here, from the first Gaga post to the Sassy post — and you just might already be my fave feminist popcult site. (You had me at I Choo-Choo-Choose You, even before I got to its brilliant final graph.) I’m subscribed to your feed and looking forward to more. Yeah.

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