Comments Policy

We’ve both had a lot of experience with both trolls and well-meaning derailers on high-traffic blogs. For BBH, we want to keep the sense of community and meeting of minds that exists on our favorite blogs, while discouraging drive-by trolling and other comments that don’t add anything to the conversation and also stress us the fuck out. So unless we know you, your first few comments will be held for moderation until we get a feel for who you are.

We do want to hear from you, because we’re sure YOU are brilliant and witty and insightful! But not everyone is, and insufficiently-stringent comments policies tend to let jackasses control the conversation. We don’t want your contributions to get lost in a morass of trolling and troll-feeding and general bullshittery.

Basically, we think of comments as tiny guest posts. We don’t need to publish everyone’s thoughts in our space just because it’s on the internet. But we hope you’ll submit your thoughts so you can join us in the round-table here.


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